Is the Stock Market an Idea To Get Rich Quick?

This would depend on how you look at it, the stock market is a great way to make money and make a plan for your retirement. It should not be used as a way to get fast cash. There are many risks and factors that go into playing the Stock Market and if you believe that you can spend thousands of dollars on one company with many shares and still come out a millionaire in 6 months you are wrong. Making money off of the stock market takes a lot of planning and not just on what stocks you want to buy but with the company itself. You don't want a company who has been losing shares in companies because of the low value of the stock.

To make money in the stock market you really have to do some financial planning on your finances. It may sound like a good idea to take let's say a thousand dollars and invest in one company for 6 months. At the end of the 6 months, you could end up with a nice nest egg but chances are you have lost money. Never put all of your eggs into one stock market basket. There is nothing wrong with putting in a substantial amount of money into one company but what happens if that company fails then you lose everything.

When you play the stock market you should never plan on making a lot of money, in fact you should expect to lose money from time to time. You need patience and not panic if you see stock prices fall, because the next week or even the next day they could rise again. That is one of the problems with the Stock Market, investors see that one day the price of the stock is low and they panic and start to sell. You should have a long term plan of investment if you want to succeed in the stock market.

You need to check out the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange or NYSE and see how trading is done. Take a visit to Wall Street and visit these exchanges so that you can see what actually happens on the floor during peak trading times. Of course not everyone can do that, so we have to rely either on our own research or on a stockbroker. A broker can help you choose which stocks are reliable and which ones are unstable. Again, you have to be careful when you use a broker since they require a fee when you use their services and often they can make money off of your investment.

Stay away from freelance brokers, make sure that if you are going to choose a broker then you research the firm that they are from and also ask questions such as what qualifications do you have to help me with stocks and how much experience they actually have buying and selling stocks. If you are going to play the Stock Market to get rich or just be comfortable then at least play it safe.